So I did my particular setup with Windows 2000, but it can apparently work with any MAPI client - given that the application actually runs. You need “Eudora Internet Suite” (EIS) to be installed along with the conduit. Then you can configure it to sync with your program - EIS supports, apparently: Eudora Desktop; Outlook Express; Outlook 98; Exchange Server; and Generic MAPI. and all you really have to do is install EIS and it'll work, magically with your mail client (At least for Outlook Express, I didn't need to set anything up other than sync) One VERY important thing is that you have to use a pop3 account. IMAP will create a separate folder and it will not sync with Eudora on your Palm. However, there is an option in accounts (for Outlook Express) that says “keep copy of mail on server” which means that your mail will not disappear magically from your inbox.

Folders are not supported, if you have messages in a folder they will not sync (for Outlook Express at least) Images aren't supported, unfortunately The live sync problem is still here, i.e. you can't sync your online client here, it must be done from palm desktop due to the certificates being too old and uhhh I believe that's it I plan to make a video at some point

Thanks to @greengameplayer

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