Visor models except the Edge all share the same case design, and are not labeled with their specific model name. All have a 160×160 screen and all except the always-backlit Visor Prism have an EL backlight.

Model Date Palm OS Display Battery Memory Solid colors Translucent colors
Black Silver Cobalt Blue Green Orange White Red Grey
Solo 1999/09 3.1H greyscale 2x AAA 2MB x
Deluxe 1999/09 3.1H/H2 greyscale 2x AAA 8MB x x x x x
Prism 2000/10 3.5.2H3 color Li-ion 8MB x
Platinum 2000/10 3.5.2H greyscale 2x AAA 8MB x x
Neo 2001/09 3.5.2H3 greyscale 2x AAA 8MB x x x
Pro 2001/09 3.5.2H3 greyscale Li-ion 16MB x

The Visor Edge has a different, thinner design which requires an adapter to use Springboard modules. It was available in metallic red, blue, or silver.

  • 90
  • 180
  • 270
  • 300
  • 600

Springboard design were based on CF/PCMCIA Arch

  • Barcode Scanner by Symbol
  • Backup Module
  • Flash Module
  • Eyemodule
  • Eyemodule2
  • VisorPhone
  • PHS Mobile
  • 56K Modem
  • CDPD Wireless Springboard
  • WIFI Springboard
  • Red Blade BT module
  • Sound JAM
  • AudioVox
  • Parafone
  • GPS Springboard(s)
  • MP3
  • CF Springboard
  • SD Springboard
  • MS Springboard
  • SM Springboard
  • Developer IO Module
  • Dental Floss
  • Software and Games
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