How to get your Palm OS PDA online in 2020

(Article preliminary work in progress)


  1. Via Dock connector (dock or cable through USB or Serial)
    1. Via PPP connection to computer
  2. Via Bluetooth
    1. Via Bridge adapter (e.g Sony BTA-NW1)
  3. Via Wifi

SecureTether BT

  1. through HotSync cradle (USB/serial).
    1. Software to help with this etc
  2. Via PPP connection to computer through Bluetooth
    1. Or via Bluetooth network bridges
      1. compatible models, configuration
  3. Via connection to smartphone through Bluetooth
    1. Or via Palm Bluetooth SDIO card
  4. Via Palm / Clie Built-in Wifi
    1. Palm TX & Palm Lifedrive
    2. Sony Clie UX-50, TJ-37, TH55
  5. Via Palm Wifi SDIO Card
  6. Sony Clie Only
    1. Via Sony Wifi CF Cards (PEGA-WL100 & PEGA-WL110)
    2. Via Sony Memory Stick Wifi Card
    3. Via Sony Memory Stick Bluetooth Card


  • Modern SSL Cyphers not supported → proxy work arounds? PalmOS wiki proxy service?


  • Netfront 3
    • getting latest version
  • WebPro
  • Opera Mini
  • Other software (IRC, email, google maps, terminal, telnet)
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