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This text is adapted from a post to comp.sys.palm.pilot and includes updates.

There are several built-in undocumented short-cuts, accessed by issuing the shortcut command (in Graffiti, it looks like a script “S”) and then a period, “.”, followed by a number or letter. Issue these short-cuts in a newly created memo in the Memo Pad application.


Dot Short-cut Result

  • .i Enable Beam-Receive for a brief time. You no longer have to toggle beam-receive in Prefs/General.
  • .s Toggle between serial and IR modes. In serial mode, data normally transmitted via the IR port is sent over the serial port.
  • .t Toggle loopback mode for the IR Exchange Manager.
  • .1 Open the serial port (debug mode). Soft reset to close. CAUTION: Serious battery drain if left open!
  • .2 Open the serial port (console mode). Soft reset to close.
  • .3 Turn Auto-Off off.
  • .4 Flash username and ID; the ID number represents the Windows Registry Key for the desktop software that sets the install flag, denoting whether there are files to be installed (thanks to Erwin Schomburg).
  • .5 Remove user configuration (username and 4 digit ID) and hotsync log. CAUTION: If you re-sync after doing this shortcut, duplicate entries will be created! Instead, perform a hard-reset and then sync with “PC Overwrites Palm”.
  • .6 Display the ROM date.
  • .7 Cycle through battery type settings. The battery-types are: Alkaline/NiCad/Rechargeable Alkaline/NiMH. Selecting the proper type of battery displays the corresponding “fuel” gauge.

NOTE 1: NiMH setting only available in OS 3.3 and later.

NOTE 2: (courtesy Fred Maxwell): selecting NiMH, NiCad, or Rechargeable Alkaline batteries through the .7 shortcut results in the Visor Neo disabling beaming. If you attempt to beam a file after changing to a battery type other than Alkaline, you get the following message:

  "Power Manager: Beaming has been temporarily disabled because the combination of features you are using requires more power than currently available. (Pwr 1E03)".

Suggested Workaround: When you need to beam data, change the battery-type to Alkaline, perform the beaming and then change it back to the appropriate type.

  • .8 Toggle the “inverse” backlighting on the Palm V or Palm IIIx. NOTE: If you upgrade from an older Palm device, this will not work unless you delete the Graffiti_ShortCuts.PRC from your backup directory BEFORE you do your first HotSync. If you've already performed a HotSync, you'll have to back everything up, delete the file mentioned above, hard reset your device, and then HotSync. (CESD, of DateBk3 fame, is working on writing this capability into dbScan).
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