Getting Started with Palm PDA's in Modern Times

A. Where to find?

Shop on ebay or scout your local op-shop. Or post in one of the community groups below and people will happily sell you one ready to go.

B. How to choose? Which Palm is best?

This depends on what you want to do with the device, and what kind of experience you want to have. Connection type: Devices typically require a cable to connect to a computer. If you buy an older device it will likely have a serial connection, and you should buy a serial-to-USB adapter. If you buy a more recent device (2002-2007) it will likely have a USB connection, which can make things a bit easier.

Software Version: Many apps will run on a broad range of system versions, commonly OS 3.5 and later. Other apps may require later versions to run, like Palm OS 4, Palm OS 5 or greater. Updates were not available for all devices. OS 5 devices were only

Common issues

  • Dead lithium ion battery
    • Finding replacements
  • Leaked AAA batteries
  • Dead supercap
  • Digitiser Drift
    • Glass upgrades
  1. Install the latest version of Palm Desktop for your Operating System
  2. For Windows 10, you will need to install the Acceeca USB drivers too.

The best and easiest place to find Palm OS software is PalmDB. Volunteers have been collecting old Palm software, and many apps and games can be found on there even when the developers websites have long gone away. Looking for a classic Palm OS game to start with? Why not try Bike or Die (download here), or Warfare Incorporated (download here)!

We have an active community with a passion for all things Palm OS and PDA's. You can join us in several places:

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