Dana Alphasmart

A dedicated writing device that runs Palm OS.

Three models were released:

  • Dana 1:8MB RAM and 4 MB ROM
  • Dana 2:16MB RAM and 8 MB ROM
  • Dana 2 Wireless: A Dana 2, with WiFi 802.11b built in.

Software compatible with the strange resolution will be added to palmDB eventually, and a list will be available.

Tip from n3rdopolis

if you are using AlphaWord, and you notice the file list is out of sorts, that setting is tied to the sorting setting in the Memo Pad application.

Change the sorting to Automatic in Memo Pad, and the AlphaWord documents will be sorted alphabetically as well.

Change the sorting to “Manual” and then in AlphaWord the setting will change to manual sorting.

There is no obvious way to change it in AlphaWord. Only through Memo Pad. I figured this out by guessing years ago…

Additional information:

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